Filmpje talentprijs 2018

Bovenstaande filmpje werd van mij gemaakt door RTV Oost, met dank aan Inga Tjapkes die me interviewde terwijl ik aan het werk ben in mijn studio en bij Tetem waar ik een armen-bankje maakte!


In my work the medium follows the subject matter, depending on what story I want to tell I choose to do so in animation, drawing or any form ranging from 2d to theatre. Subjects I address are the cycles of life and death, the inner world versus the outside and the way we make sense of this world through narratives in image and language. Since my work is about processes it’s often made fast, the energy of creating is what I wish to capture. The stop-frame animations are a literal example of capturing this motion, a postponing of it being finishes and finite.

I live and work in Enschede. After graduating in 2016 I enrolled in the talent and development program of Tetem. Currently I am working together with TKA, short for Twentse Kunst Alliantie. A group of creators who join forces to make multidisciplinary theatre together. Making art and theatre really merge here.

Have a look at TKA’s own website:


Willemijn Calis


Tel: 0643488433